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German-Jordanian summer school

Through Each Other's Eyes

It was an exceptional challenge: Twenty journalism students from Jordan and Germany, a packed program to get an insight into the German media and political system and only ten days time. They took the chance to explore new things and rethink old prejudices - a summer school through each other's eyes.

Here they tell the stories they experienced on their trip through the German media landscape. Talking to officials about media politics, learning about the big newspapers and small parties, about the Arabic view on the German life and the Arabic life in Germany, many aspects were surprising, stunning and after all worth telling.

The Project

By Christine Elsaeßer, Susanne Fengler, Ursula Götz, Julia Jorch & Judith Pies, 09. March 2011

Journalism students from Jordan and Germany met for a summer school in Dortmund discussing with and learning from each other on how the media work in their respective home countries. The summer school was organized by the Erich-Brost-Institute (EBI) and the Institute for Journalism (IfJ) at University of Dortmund and will be continued in Jordan next year. Mehr

New media

A challenge for journalists and legislators

By Stella Peters and Bastian Rothe, 09. March 2011

"Widow shaking 2.0" - never heard of it? Most journalists have not either. New media like facebook, twitter, studiVZ and blogs challenge journalists and publishers in a new way. Can you use every information you find on the net? Can you trust in online sources like a blog or a tweet? Is a new media editor a journalist? Mehr

Media stereotypes

Cruel Germans and terrorist Arabs

By Ala Alfroukh and Johannes Doebbelt, 09. March 2011

Germany plays a minor role in the Arab media. When it is covered, negative issues often appear. Stereotypes dominate people's mentality - on both sides. Journalists try to overcome the prejudices, as Egyptian correspondent Elwalid Dardiry says - but it is not easy. A lot of work has to be done to bridge the gap between these two different cultures. Mehr

Media bias

Jordan in the German media

By Jessica Springfeld and Ayman Hunaiti, 09. March 2011

You hardly ever hear something about Jordan in the German Media. But Jordan could actually play an important role in presenting the "New Middle East". The country sets a good example of a moderate and modern Islam. Mehr


Making the world a bit more journalistic

By Carola Westermeier and Livia Rüger, 09. March 2011

Interview-training, teaching the basic formats of journalism and having an exchange with foreign journalists - these actions characterize Aarni Kuoppamäki's job. He works as a journalist trainer for the Deutsche Welle in countries all around the world. We skyped with him whilst he was in Russia, giving a workshop on environmental journalism. Mehr

Cultural outreach

Germany's Media Ambassador

By Basima Tantour and Saba Abu Farha, 09. March 2011

Funded by the minister of state for culture and media, Deutsche Welle is a tool for outreach to the world, targeting people who are interested in Germany, particularly current and future opinion leaders. This is achieved through broadcast news and different programs that cover subjects such as tourism, medicine and scientific revolution. Mehr

Stuttgart 21

The Green Party's media strategy

By Katalin Valeš and Andreas Flocke, 09. March 2011

Protests against the disputed traffic project "Stuttgart 21" led to a violent police operation. For the first time in decades, police used tear-gas and water cannons on demonstrators. In the aftermath of the "Schlossgarten-incident", media and politics face challenges - either to stay objective or to influence the public opinion. Mehr

Cultural identity

In and between: Arabs in Germany

By Yasmin Al Damen and Daniel Gehrmann, 09. March 2011

Arab identity is a complex topic and life for Muslims has sometimes become complicated after 9/11. In the general German debate, both groups have to face stereotypes asserted to them. Still, it is possible to meet and alter such positions in dialogues and journalism. Mehr

Cultural identity 2

Fear, Nostalgia and Satellite Dishes

By Rania Al Hindi and Johanna Esch, 09. March 2011

Since the September 11 attacks, Arab Muslims started facing many challenges in Germany and other Western countries. The Western world has become afraid of Islam. Ahmad Aweimer of the Abu Bakr Mosque in Dortmund shares his impression of how many Arabs no longer feel welcome in Germany and other countries. Mehr

Published: 09.03.2011




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